5 Questions to ask before starting a Vulnerability Management Program

Many if not most organizations are already operating at a capacity to sustain the existing work without taking on significant amounts of new work. Since a vulnerability scanning program has the potential to add quite a bit more effort, not only for your security staff but also for operations staff, this makes it fairly important to ask the right questions before you commit.

It's all about the man purse

At this point, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that cell phones and tablets will ultimately merge into a single device, and that it will take over the role of the Roku and DVR as entertainment providers adapt to the online single-show/single-series subscriber models with devices like Chromecast bridging the gap between tiny screens and larger entertainment center experiences. More frightening is the idea that these will become the new house keys and primary home provisioning devices. Right now, people have coined the term "phablet" to describe this bizarre hybrid device, but I don't think that term is broad enough to describe what this will actually become.