How bad relationships break the home

Mom complains that the door isn't locked and says Dad should lock it before he comes to bed. Dad says she's over-reacting; it's a safe neighborhood. Besides, he remembers that time she had a total meltdown because there was one tiny spider on the steering wheel in her car. Holy Christ, what a mess.

Three days later, the house gets broken into, and those photos they took as a joke on their honeymoon are missing from the safe. The head of the homeowner's association has copies, and the rest of the neighborhood is picketing on their front lawn because they want Mom and Dad out.

Mom says "I told you so." Dad blames Mom for not waking up. Mom says Dad snores like a trucker, and she had to get ear plugs years ago to get any sleep. Dad's had enough of the fighting and files for divorce. She's his third ex wife now, and he's decided that all women are insane. He's going to be better off dating casually and letting someone else deal with relationship issues.

If you don't trust the assessments of your technical resources, you should have a talk with them about why. If that doesn't work, get technical resources you can trust. If that doesn't work, be careful about going to a cloud services provider to fix all your woes. Remember, the common factor in all your failed relationships is you.

Communication and reconciliation are two way processes. It requires both parties to sit at the table. Playing "You're wrong, and I'm right" doesn't resolve any conflict, and it doesn't get you any closer to paying the bills.